The Show Scene

2010/2011 Season

Please join me in celebrating TWO new DM's for the season


The first smoke DM for Emau!

CH Emau's Moonshadow Of Emauge, DM

many thanks to Pat and Tim for loving her so well....


The first Mimesis DM

CH Emau's Serene Selene Of Mimesis, DM

many thanks to Renee and Sharlene for taking such good care of our special girl...



Our newest grands

Lark Daughter GC Emau's For Your Eyes Only

Minuet Son GP Emau's Dancin With Midnight

Minuet Son GP Emau's Might As Well Dance

Minuet Son GC Emau's So You Think You Can Dance

Sunny Daughter GC Emau's Spot In The Sun


and our

 debutantes who share their grace and beauty with oh so many people -

Lark Daughter Emau's Gossip Girl "Gigi"

eagerly awaiting...

Sunny/Dell babies...

Emau's Dancing in the Moonlight

Emau's Dance Into The Sun



We are eternally grateful to all the people who show our kids with such skill and love...

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