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2001/2002 Season

Begins with a PARTY (and ended with one too)!!!

After a long season filled with laughter and fun and finished with just about as much stress as a person can imagine, we were all ready to come together to celebrate unprecedented success and good friendships as well as some very special cats... Comet and Khepri's DM party combined with a year-end celebration from 2000/2001 Season, made for quite the shindig at the York show the first weekend in May! All five of Comet's Grands entered and were shown there at that show and in one memorable final, FOUR Egyptian Mau grands were represented; including a Best cat in Premeirship for this year's star, GP RW Emau's Calisto! My "heart" kitty, Pounce re-debuted there as well... At that time a season of campaigning her for a whole season was only a dream... No one had ever really brought an adult Mau BACK out two seasons later and of course, Pounce never showed well the first time around... Still, if there ever was a cat who could pull it off, it was her and because of her birthdate she had not had a real chance in her first season, so it seemed worth the effort... She hissed and played her way into the hearts of many and ended up National Best of Breed, 12th best in her region, 48th in the country... While her son, GP RW Emau's Jump @The Chance of Kat-tres and her niece, GP RW Emau's Calisto of Emauge worked hard at convincing the judges that ALL Maus are not primadonnas...


The people and cats who made it all happen!!!

Maubob team: Jill and Purr, Bob, Linda & Treasure, Pat and Atoly, Tami and Uno and Tim & Calisto!


The Real Stars -the cats that gave Comet her title... and produced as well the first mother daughter DM's in the history of our Breed!


Comet's first grand and Emau's first One show Grand: GP Emau's Do You Believe In Magic? AKA Atolycus or Atoly....SR's 22nd Best cat in Premiership! Atoly makes his home with Pat and Tim where he is appropriately adored...
Comet's 2nd Grand: Atoly's littermate and the love of Jill's life - GC RW Emau's Cirque De Soleil of Hajja, AKA "Purr". Purr was not only National 2nd Best of Breed, but NAR's 24th Best cat!


Comet put it all together when she produced Uno, GP RW Emau's One-Of-A Kind... Our first one DAY grand... Uno and Tami made quite the team in their run for a Regional in the ever competitive Southern Region... Uno has it all - looks, and personality!
GP RW Emau's Calisto makes her run this season and started out with a bang by being the highest scoring Mau in premiership in heavy competition! Two Best cats against the big boys as well! She ended up highest scoring Mau in premiership (and one of the highest socring in history of the breed) and 15th Best cat in the S.R.
Treasure was the one who was supposed to stop the presses - but instead she did her best to stop our hearts - the only Comet child to NOT inherit her mother's fabulous personality, Treas was , nonetheless a beauty from the day she was born... The last to grand, she was the "DMing" cat and she played it for all she was worth!


Highest scoring Mau in Premiership at the York Show : Calisto

The first weekend of the new season also brought our first Grand of 2001/2002!


GP Emau's Lord Osiris

The second weekend brought us our second grand of the 2001/2002 Season!

GP RW Emau's Jump @The Chance of Kat-Tres


Chance is Also Pounce's first Grand!!

 Our third grand of the season was also Pounce's Son - GP Emau's Lion King of Catalora....


GP Emau's Lion King of Catalora

The Pouncess at Moorestown... "She's going a dragonfly hunt"

Speaking of Pounce.... She has once again gifted me with the joy of sharing her with the world... During the 2001/2002 season we have proven that an older Mau can too hold her own against the youngsters... David declared for local office in July and we ran his campaign hard which slowed Pounce's campaign somewhat, but even so Pounce excelled all season. She led wire to wire as National Best of Breed and one of the top cats in the country and ended up giving me my first Regional Win in Championship in the oh so competitive Southern Region. I told people all year that there is nothing like campaigning both of your life loves in the same year!! Talk about stress... She was fine and so was David, I was a wreck...but I cannot lie, it was one long dream season with her. There wasn't (and still isn't) isn't a day that goes by where I do not find myself gasping at her beauty... Although at the beginning of the season we all agreed that showing her would be a challenge since she would allow no-one but me to put her in the ring, her success is the result of an extraordinary team effort. Beautiful as she is, she could not have reached such pinnacles without the support of her friends: Bob, Linda, Laurie, Pat, Tim, Stephanie, Jill, Karen, Lynn, Tara, Mark, Tom, Ila, Linda B and all the judges who were so patient with "Miss Sweetness and Light"...

Our fourth Grand of the Season was Another Khepri child and a full brother to Pounce, Emau's Khonsu. Khonsu is owned by Tara Gilmore and makes his home with Osiris...

GC Emau's Tukuyomi - Can you tell he is a character?!Described, with love, as a "Force of Nature"

Our fifth grand is Emau's Tukuyomi of Wisteria FL! Destined to be a star in Japan, Tuki was shown by Laurie, Chiaro's person, and as Laurie likes to say "he is a FORCE OF NATURE"... His favorite word is "MINE"... and he is far too smart for a boy!!!


GP Emau's Rumble In The Jungle

Our sixth Grand was GP Emau's Rumble in the Jungle, Tuki's little brother! A typically sweet, bumbling boy who is destined to go to a Jr Showmanship exhibitor, Nicholas. Jungle was shown and granded by Pat and Tim.

And our lucky seven this season was the lovely and talkative, GP Emau's Celestial Vision of Mautrix


Celeste, the talker of the group... Sickeningly sweet... a furry toad?

 Stars of the 2002/2003 Season??????????

Another Spirit Son, Emau's SamIam of Baccamamadit - a smoke love owned by Linda Buzonas...

And my newest prospect for total spoiling: my boy with the look of the eagles... Kyrie's son, Emau's Kestrel... Kestrel started turning heads immediately and finalled in his first ever ring... Like Tuki he shows signs of being far too intelligent for a boy and I have already started to spoil him.. so although we are optimistic about his prospects, we are cautious as well...

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