The Show Scene

2002/2003 Season

Highest Scoring Egyptian Mau Kitten:

GC Emau's Leap-Of Faith

( 8 month old grand and 22nd Best kitten in S.R.)


Little Faith... Only had six weeks to run as a kitten and despite major mistakes from her chaperone, still nearly made a RW in the ever-tough Region 7.... As it was she ended up highest scoring kitten in breed and would have earned a RW title in any other region but her own!!!  We're very proud...

Highest Scoring Egyptian Mau in Premiership:

GP RW Emau's Celestial Vision of Mautrix

Southern Regions' 10th Best cat in Premiership

(highest scoring Egyptian Mau in premiership ever)

The lovely Celeste... She led the country as highest scoring Mau regardless of class for much of the year - something heretofore unheard of for a premiership cat as far as we know! In the end she still ended up second highest scoring Mau in the country for the year. Cannot imagine what she would have done if she could have benefited from the higher cat counts  the championship cats had...


Third Highest Scoring Egyptian Mau in Premiership:

GP RW Emau's Do You Believe in Magic? (Of Emauge)

Southwest Region's 17th Best Cat in Premiership

Atoly, Our first one show grand and nearly a RW his first season out.  Once again, like Faith, he ended up 22nd Best Cat that first season and once again, would have been a RW in any region but the Southern... This season he came out late for a last minute run and  finally added the much deserved RW to his title...


2nd Best Egyptian Mau in Southern Region:

GC Emau's Kestrel (also best Silver S.R and 2nd best Silver Nationally)

Kestrel was a joy to show - but unfortunately he was the original stinky man... Needless to say he had a very short career after he granded!


And thanks to help from friends, 2002/2003 found us with the highest number of new grands for the season!  Five lovely Emau Grands joined the history books...

GC Emau's SamIAm of Bacamamdit!, Smoke Male

For a little boy, Sami has had a huge impact on a number of people... His happy-go-lucky sweet personality just has a way of bringing folks together and making them smile... His granding was a group effort and thanks are due to Linda, Tom and Ila as well of course as the judges who finalled him!

See the Paws? perpetual cookies!!!  His mother's elegance!

GC Emau's Kestrel, Silver Male

Kestel - the kitten that time forgot... Thought we were going to have to give up on his show career... He debuted with a bang - no number, but three finals at his first show... and more finals at his next show... Things were looking promising for the young son of Kyrie and Soleil...Then Pounce decided she did not want to travel with other cats and his career stalled... His last ring as a kitten just barely five months old was a final where he made 4th best AB kitten and then he stayed home while Pounce and I finished out the season... His next real show was nearly three months later as an open - at that point we had no expectations; afterall, we have to keep them out on a regular basis right? Well, there are exceptions to every rule and So far Kestrel has proven to be one of those - he re-debuted far better than before and in two quick shows was sitting just shy of grand at 170 points!!! A nine month old grand, he has only one flaw - he is incredibly STINKY!!!  Not quite sure if I can stand showing stinky boy - my eyes positively water in the car, but at least his gift to me was that we did not have to sacrifice his title to the princess after all!!

GC Emau's Bohemian Rhapsody, Silver Female

Little Raven, big heart... Raven was our first "Baby Grand" of the season.... an 8 month old imp weighing in at just over 5 pounds, she seemed more like a kitten.... but won the judges regardless and granded with ease...

GP Emau's Stargate, Silver Neuter

Raven's littermate took most of his kitten career off due to an injury, but came back with a vengeance - Owned and loved by Tara Gilmore he granded in two quick shows and seems ready with to take the world by storm....

GC Emau's Leap-Of Faith, Silver Female

Faith is the "almost cat" this year.... halfway through her kitten career her half sister "aged up" and Faith took off.... Highest scoring SH kitten in her first show without Raven to compete against.... All of a sudden, with 6 weeks to go a RW as a kitten seemed possible, so the run began... A week before the end it became obvious that although she would have been a RW kitten in any region but the Southern that points were up for the season and that 21st was where she would end up, so we took the end of the kitten season off so that we could hit the grand quest fresh. It paid off and Faith became our second Baby Grand of the season!

Year-end summary!

A strange feeling for me to go out without "herself"... But it was time for a break... Three long years of hard "running"... three lovely Khepri daughters who excelled in unimaginable ways and taught me so much... Future, then Pounce, then Kyrie, then Pounce again, and then I was ready to kick back and watch the others shine... Nice to start the season quietly getting winners ribbons on an open. No huge expectations, just the desire to go out and enjoy... There has to be some kind of break after showing a cat like Pounce or one cannot go on... So my break came in 2002/2003. In the meantime, it was good to have friends! The first weekend of the new season had our Mauthy Celeste one of the highest scoring cats in premiership in the country. She maintained her position as not only the highest scoring Mau in premiership, but the highest scoring Mau OVERALL for most of the season!  Then late in the Season Pat and Tim decided that Atoly really did deserve that RW that he would have had his first season if he had been in any other region other than Southern and out came Atoly for an end season run that resulted with him finally earning his much deserved RW title... Of course Tom and Ila gave me a thrill as well - our first RW on a kitten for Miss M!  So much to cheer... Quite a year for a quiet time off...

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