The Show Scene - "Go Figure" Season

 GC BW NW Emau's Minuet Highest scoring Egyptian Mau kitten in CFA history at the time...

2007/2008 Season

(all titles are CFA)

Three New Distinguished Merit Cats

Congratulations to our newest DM - the third ever Male DM and first ever multigenerational Male DM...

GC Emau's Kestrel, DM - Kestrel is the son of GC BW Emau's Kyrie, DM who is in turn the daughter of CH Pasha Khepri Of Emau, DM - quite a legacy! Kestrel is also the highest grand producing Egyptian Mau in the history of the Breed.

CH Emau's La Femme Nikiduh Of Emauge, DM. Nikita is a third generation DM and the second daughter of GC Emau's Mausaic, DM to earn the coveted title.

and our first fourth generation DM...

GC Emau's Raya Of Ra'sabi, DM


Congratulations to our 6 new grands!

GP Emau's Duet

GC Emau's Endgame

GP Emau's Flashdance

GC BW NW Emau's Minuet

GP Emau's Mercedes Of Glenlea

GC Emau's Moment In The Sun - One show Grand!

 GC BW NW Emau's Minuet - Minuet was the only kitten out 157 present and competing to make all 8 finals at National Capital and she ended up second highest scoring kitten there... On September 30, 2007 she rose to the top of the kitten charts and held the number one position for three full months.  She ended the season ranked 6th Best kitten in CFA and Best kitten in the Southern Region as well as National Best of Breed and 16th Best Cat in the Southern Region. She sure enjoyed her moment in the sun...

Our debutantes who share their grace and beauty with oh so many people:

CH Emau's Touch The Sun - Sunny daughter!

We are eternally grateful to all the people who show our kids with such skill and love...

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