The Show Scene

2004/2005 Season

(all titles are CFA)

GC Emau's Saga Of Mautrix GC Emau's Imaugine That


Once again a wonderful year for the Emau Stars

9 new grands (7 in breed)

GC RW Bondi's Sweet Carolyn Of Emau

GC Emau's Raya Of Rasabi, silver female - thanks to Bob and Carol!

GP Emau's Moonbeam Of Rasabi, silver neuter - thanks to Bob and Carol!

GC Emau's Trompe L'Oeil, silver male

GC GP RW Emau Back To The Future Of Rasabi, silver spay

GC Emau's Saga Of Mautrix, silver male - Great Job and thanks to Laurie and "Scaredy Boy"

GC Emau Imaugine That, silver female

GC Emau's Tetris Of New Kingdom - a very very special thanks to Melissa Bateson for this incredible and unexpected gift...

GC Wynterwynd Dreaming Of Emau


2 Regional Winners

GC RW Emau's If Wishes Were Horses... - 6th Best Cat in S.R.

GC GP RW Emau Back To The Future Of Ra'sabi - 17th Best Cat in N.A.R


2nd Best of Breed Nationally

GC RW Emau's If Wishes Were Horses...


2nd Highest scoring Egyptian Mau Kitten

GC Emau's Saga Of Mautrix


Highest scoring Egyptian Mau in Premiership

GC GP RW Emau Back To The Future Of Ra'sabi - 17th Best Cat in N.A.R


In a fabulous, one-two Punch, GC BW RW Emau's Fly By Night, smoke Phenom from Pounce handed off to another Pounce smoke, GC RW Emau's If Wishes Were Horses... at the end of the season.... Wishes Granded the day that Bug retired and the rest was de-ja-vu... Wishes ended up the 10th highest scoring Egyptian Mau all-time and 2nd highest scoring smoke ever, right behind her half sister, and like Bug, Wishes loved to show... she was a pleasure from start to finish!  Thanks to a lot of help from a lot of wonderful people, Emau once again led the pack with number of grands in breed for the season as well... Seven new spotted beauties joined the ranks.

And in 2004 Emau broke new ground with some decidely unspotted beauties.  GC Wynterwynd's Dreaming Of Emau - A Russian Blue with exquisite type spent 9 wonderful months with us and introduced us to the wonders of her breed!  Also new phenom was another European invader - GC RW Bondi's Sweet Carolyn Of Emau, a Stunning Cream European Burmese.   Carolyn gave us a 9th Best kitten in the Southern Region and some truly thrilling moments...

Special thanks to Annette and Wayne for giving us the opportunity to share in the beauty and the glory of our supermodels and thanks to all the Mau folks who helped us this year...

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