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1999/2000 year was very special....In many ways we did indeed gone Back to The Future and then beyond... It was a year of milestones and landmarks.... including the addition of the only the 5th ever Egyptian Mau Distingushed Merit cat: Pasha Khepri of Emau!

The Star of the 1999/2000 show scene had to be GC/RW Emau's Back To The Future, a repeat of our very first grand, GC Emau's Mausaic (Spirit). Both Future and Spirit have the incredible GC Matiki's Better Maustrap as their father and of course their mother is our One and Only Pasha Khepri of Emau, DM - who in her own right is truly a star as well....

Future Future Future

Congratulations to our winners of the 1999/2000 Season!

Pasha Khepri of Emau, DM: 5th Distinguished Merit cat in the History of the Breed!

GC,RW Emau's Back To The Future: National 3rd best of Breed, Region 1 Best of Breed and Region 1 6th Best Cat! Leased by Carol Babel and Bob Weller, Owned by David and Melanie Morgan

GC Emau's Mau Pounce For The Ounce: 8 month Old Grand and Region 7 Best of Breed! The love of my life...

GC Emau's Cirque De Soleil of Hajja: Region 1 2nd Best of Breed! Owned byJill Archibald and Karen Bishop (pictured in current show stars)

GC J's Iris Another Mau 2 Feed of Emau, Bred by Judith Mendelsohn

GP Emau's Do You Believe in Magic: Our first One Show Grand! Owned by Patricia Summers (pictured in current show stars)

GP Emau's Oasis, owned by Michele Stanco

GP Emau's Mau or Never, our first bronze Grand! Owned by Margot Rogers!

GC,RW Emau's Back To The Future

Future Future

Future has a way about her that is hard to describe... As a show cat she was nothing short of phenomenal: She always seemed to have an uncanny sense for which judge needed a bump,... or a purr... or a kiss and despite her irrepressible "tigger" like personality at home (she is also diabolical about her penchant for making sure Noone in the house gets a full night of rest - the full body bounce followed by excited purring is a trademark...). She has a gentle sweetness that radiates from her soulful face...

A born showcat, noone, least of all David, Bob, Carol, or myself could have predicted the magic that began to happen as soon as this little 6.5 pound flirt hit the show ring. She granded the last month of the 1998/1999 show season and we all agreed that a cat like this was too special to pull, that the public deserved the chance to see a Mau like her. So, the decision to run her, at least through the first month and while she herself still enjoyed the process, was made... Well, she took the ball and ran - ate up the attention in fact! And at the agreed upon assessment time we all shook our heads in wonder and bewilderment...If you heard a few shrill screams - that was us with transatlantic yelps when the first list came hot off the presses, the little minx was 10th best cat in the country! She held that position or close to it for 9 long months until hormones snuck in and she turned her eagle eyes onto her next career... When all was said and done she just missed being a National top 25 cat, was 6th Best ct in her region and 3rd best Mau Nationally. It was a dream come true for all of us; she gave us all quite a rid and oh so many memories to cherish...

Bob and Carol did a fabulous job showing her and I lived for "my" weekends when I got to put the purr machine up and watch her turn on the magic... Kind of a deja vu for me - she had so many mannerisms reminiscent of her older sister Spirit; it was spooky and indeed, a little bittersweet as well... Of course, despite the similarities to older siblings, Spirit and Isis, Future has her own special way too...

In the beginning....

FutureGC Emau's Back to the Future, Future is a full sister to Spirit and Ghost, all three results of match between our one and only Khepri and the incredible Matiki cat, GC Matiki's Better Maustrap (better known as Trapper and the master of head bumps and sweetness) When Future was born, we hoped for great things from her (hence her name!) and as a show cat she more than delivered; now al lthat remains ot be seen is how she does on her second career! She has a lovely sweet, playful personality, a love for hairdressing like her older sister and a way about her that just steals hearts. She made her show debut at the CFA International where she was one of the smallest and cutest kittens in show! Shortly after that she made the trip up to North to visit with Bob and Carol and her half brother Abi. She finalled at her first show, stole some hearts, then stole some more hearts the next weekend and ended up one of the highest scoring SH kittens at her second show up there in wintry New England... her third weekend she went "6 for 6" in finals (including a BEST kitten) and was the second highest scoring kitten in show. In addition, she was the lead-off cat for the late news segment that night on the CBS news! Not to be outdone, she finished up the Month in Nashua with 7 finals, 2 Best Kittens and Blacklined as highest scoring kitten in show... At her last show as a kitten she went 6 for 6, was one of the highest scoring kittens in show and to top it all off, was voted Shorthair Spectators choice for the weekend. In addition, she turned it on for the producers from Animal Planet! Not to be outdone, she wowed them all and brought home two finals as an open the next weekend- a tough thing to do... Her first weekend out as a champion she made 5 finals and over half the points needed to grand ...Two shows later, with nearly 300 points (200 needed to grand) she said "take that, I can do it too..." to big sister Spirit and went home from a very competitive show in Sturbridge a Grand Champion. From that point on her career took off in ways beyond imagining... At one point she has a stretch of twelve shows in a row with at least one and sometimes up to three Best cats in show... She has brought us and judges to tears with her beauty and her joy for showing and continues to thrill one and all as she held her position against all odds as one of the top ten cats in the country for three quarters of the showseason... We kept saying it can't hold, and it didn't, she ended up falliing out of the top rankings when we had to pull her well before the end of the season, but she still ended up a regional winner and a national breed winner; quite an accomplishment that in itself...

 Pounce as a big girlAnd then there was Pounce....8 Month old Grand... GC Emau's Mau Pounce For The Ounce!!!!

When she was 8 days old I held the little 8 ounces ball of purring fur in my hands and told her "you will be the one". 8 months and four days later, she proved me right by granding in style in two shows. Just 19 points shy of a one show grand, she did it the next weekend and gave me back my life... 8 months is a long time to hold one's breath and it truly felt as if I had been doing that! In granding, she gave her mother what is arguably the highest honor a cat can achieve in CFA - the coveted title of Distinguished Merit (DM).

When I put Pounce into her first ring and stepped back to look at her, I literally shook. Haven't been that nervous since Spirit went into her first ring.... This one is so very special it's hard to describe. For me, she is a "chill" cat: as in she gives me goosbumps... It sounds silly and mushy, but I had tears in my eyes as I stood way back in the crowd and watched her in that debut, because when I looked up and saw her shining out from among the full ring of kittens I remembered all over again with a thrill of joy and wonderment why I do this... To have something to do, however small, with the creation of something so startling, stunningly beautiful is truly an honor... She will, of course, be the death of me - one simply cannot be that emotionally attached to a cat they are showing ( or breeding!)... To the day she retired from her show career I have to tell you, I never lost the wonder and the awe... She granded late in the season and never had a chance to get her 100 rings. Even so she almost made a regional cat and did end up Region 7's Best Egyptian Mau for the season... As I write this she lies sprawled in my lap and I can hardly imagine showing without her... Everything recvolved around Pounce near the end of the 1999/2000 season... She dotes on me and I on her and I miss showing her horribly!




Pounce's granding ring

Soleil and his sister at one of their kitten shows together. GC J's Iris Another Mau 2 Feed of Emau, Soleil. Silver Silver Male out of GC J's Iris Mountain Mist by GC,RW Joyfulpal's Ay of Sangpur. Owned by Melanie Morgan.

It took a while, one year to be exact... something seemed to go wrong every other week... which put a definite glitch in his granding quest, but he finally did it... Such a great boy to show, will miss his head bumps and kisses on the long car rides. His wonderful playful show presence and sweet willing personality made him a pleasure to show.





P Emau's Rare Edition, GP Emau's Oasis and of course, GP Emau's Mau Or Never!

Emau's Rare Edition Goose
P Emau's Rare EditionGP Emau's Mau Or NeverGP Emau's Oasis

As per usual with a Cheetah/Ghost combination it was quite a litter! Niles, (GP Emau's Oasis) made both mom, Michele and me incredibly proud the third weekend in September by granding in style with points to spare... The Gooseman (GP Emau's Mau or Never) was only one week behind; he granded in style as well and continued the tradition of doing it with points to spare just one week after Niles... Our first bronze grand!


All Three Cheetah babies made their show debut in March and despite the fact that they competed not only against each other, but against a very tough group of older kittens, three Cheetah babies finalled! Between the three of them, they covered every final but one, and brought home a 3rd, 4th, 5th 6th two 9ths and a 10th best kitten, not to mention lots of nice comments from the judges and smiles from the spectators... We were very proud of the boys indeed! Goose went on to have a rather successful kitten career in New England and Niles went to the midwest to try his hand. He ended up highest scoring Mau kitten in his region. Suerat took a break until he turned adult. All three boys ended up making finals as opens with Goose actually ending up 4th highest scoring cat in premiership as an Open - 6 of 8 finals, including a 2nd best cat... pretty impressive for a bronze boy with an attitude! The next weekend Goose proved it was no fluke and made almost half of his grand points in three finals... Two weekends later it was three more finals and nearly a grand for the Gooseman! In the meantime, Niles got going and made up ground fast. He ended up being the first to grand with four finals in Oklahoma city in September...

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