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Spirit's First Show, First Ring, First Final- GC Emau's Mausaic, Spirit. Silver female out of Pasha Khepri by GC Matiki's Better Maustrap

Spirit was our first Grand - from our first litter No less! This was Spirit's first ring and despite the fact that she was no-bigger-than-a-minute and the ribbon was larger than she was, she did quite well for herself there - harbinger of good things to come for her in her show career! Spirit was a nine month old grand and retired shortly thereafter to make way for her brother, Ghost.


HitterCH,GP Hajja Hit The High Spots of Emau, Hitter. Silver neuter out of GC Matiki's Can't Stop Smoking of Hajja, smoke female By GC Hajja I'm Spotted in a Crowd, silver male. Owned by Bob and Linda Walton and Melanie Morgan.

Hitter is officially our second grand. He came to us by way of Matiki and was bred by Jill Archibald of Hajja cattery. This gorgeous boy now has a wonderful home with Bob and Linda Walton in Baltimore, Maryland. Bob and Linda retired him shortly after he granded and he is now enjoying the good life having done his job as a stud (he is the father of both my Tease and my Comet) and a show cat.




The Spotted thing - Spots - Spots - SpotsCH,GP Emau's Jungle Safari, Safari. Silver spay out of CH Matiki's Mia Cheetah by CH Emau's Ghostrider. Owned by Bonnie and Galen Hausfeld and Melanie Morgan

Oh Safari, our beautiful beautiful girl. We only gave her two shows in championship, both opposed by beautiful Maus and she still managed to make it nearly halfway to grand in that incredibly competitive class. But hormones were taking their toll with Bonnie and Galen, her owners, who after all, just wanted a lovely pet originally! After looking at a show schedule that was pretty dismal, we made the decision that we couldn't wait and went ahead and spayed her. The "Spotted thing" took off like wildfire in premiership. She went out as an Open at the end of the year when the "campaigners" are gearing up and competition is at its fiercest. Opens rarely final, right? Wrong. Safari went up against the best of the best as an open, not a grand, and made Three finals, including a 2nd Best cat. Phone lines buzzed around the country - literally. I nearly dropped my teeth. I made a tactical error in choosing her granding shows, (chose an all-specialty first show as a premier for her where she made five finals including a 2nd Best cat and a 3rd best cat -as a premier, not a grand...) so she didn't make it in one - She did grand in one and a half. Then, one last swans song for the beginning of the new year, we took her to Raleigh in May - a great kickoff show to get everyone jockeying for position in the new show season a good running start. Big, competitive, and a good time for all if you are one of the movers and shakers... I'll be honest, I had hopes for her there - Then, when I went to pick her up I nearly cried- she had gained substantial weight and was positively porky. She actually had fat rolls on her tummy. I was sick. I toyed with the idea of just pulling her, but decided that I might as well put her up. She made five top tens there in a huge class, high, ended up one of the highest scoring cats in the show and with a ring point average that would have made her one of the top 20 cats in country in the 1997-1998 show season. I was hooked, jazzed, stars in my eyes. Talk about adrenaline! She was running on a National win ring point average and she wasn't even in top show condition. What would she do if we conditioned her??? I was looking at the first ever National Mau winner in premiership, I was sure of it. I could practically taste it! But reality hit on the drive home from Raleigh. After long discussions with her owners, Bonnie and Galen, the decision was made to retire her and let her go out on top. Running a cat at that level is a huge commitment in terms of time and work. In order for her to make the long run, she would have had to leave them for the year and come home to me where I could monitor her food and exercise and ensure that not only was she healthy, but in top show condition at all times - First and foremost, she is and was their beloved pet. She wasn't sold as a show cat, she just gave us all that as a gift to savor over the years to come, and I truly will. Showing her was a thrill. I will always wonder, but then again, this way I can always say "It could have been" and no one can say I am wrong! There will be others, but Safari will always be one of our great stars. In the meantime, I can report that she runs her household of six cats, is as spotty as ever - perhaps more so because the extra pounds spread out her spots!


Safari as a kitten at the International in Atlanta
Safari at the International in 1997 - Atlanta Georgia


Ghostwriter as a young adult in all his spotted splendorGP Emau's Ghostwriter, Ghostwriter. Silver Neuter out of CH Pasha Khepri By CH Emau's Never Tease a Cheetah. Officially owned by Jenny Sharp and Melanie Morgan, this silver child is really owned by two lovely little girls, Christie and Morgan.

Ghostwriter makes his permanent home in Newport News, but turned swallow for June and July and returned home to Virginia for his granding quest in premiership. He took care of the "quest" in short order - He thrilled us all by granding easily in eight quick rings (two shows) with points to spare. Joanne Cummings, a CFA judge there nailed his personality to the nth degree when, as I was thanking her for finalling him, she said "you know he's such a lovely, gentle boy..." This may have sounded funny to those standing nearby - this was the boy who had just leapt to the top of the sisal judging pole feathers streaming from his mouth and teaser held high like a trophy of war, but she was right - In some very special way this boy has a gentle, loving nature about him that I have never seen equaled, except possibly by his father, A rather plump Ghostwriter and CFA judge Marion Butler Tease. Just after his toyfest where he managed to steal three toys at one time and needed me, plus the judge to get him to give them up (he did manage to keep a few feathers in his teeth) he was perfectly happy to curl up in Joanne's arms and purr as he gazed into her eyes. He is a wonderful boy with a lovely, "Khepriesque" head and clean clean color coupled with Teaser's stunning contrast. He had a small kitten career - just enough to keep him out so that he would behave when he turned adult and despite the fact that he never went up unopposed, he managed to make finals at all but one show where he competed as a baby. This I think, is all the more amazing given the fact that the boy seems to have a distinct love for the food bowl and was packing some substantial extra weight and lacked one of my key requirements - a good feel throughout his kitten career - a good reason to become a "swallow" and return home. When he came back home in June, two days before his open show, it was boot camp... Lots of exercise and low calorie food for our pudgy boy with the earnest face... Poor thing, must have thought his world had ended. No wonder he granded so quickly - he wanted to GO HOME! He's a very good boy and we are proud of him.


Ghosrwriter doesn't look too thrilled with his rosette!Ghostwriter doesn't look all that impressed with his rosette - feathers were far more to his liking - you should have seen that boy's eyes light up when he saw them!


See what we mean about intelligent - it just radiates out of Abi!GP Emau's Abi Almustafa, Abi. Silver neuter out of CH Pasha Khepri, by CH Emau's Never Tease a Cheetah. Owned by Bob & Carol of Ra's Abi Maus. Bob and Carol bought this boy to be a companion for their beautiful silver Mau from Matiki, P Matiki's Argentum (Arge), he settled right in in that role and in a matter of days the two Maus were inseparable. What we didn't quite expect was instant and rather overwhelming show success! Bob and Carol are great advocates of getting the Maus out into the public and as such decided that it would be nice to try to grand him when the time came, so they took him out as a baby to let him get used to the show scene. He'd already been to two as a visitor only, so his training was well under way. Not only did the little purr boy get show experience, he brought home a Best kitten and ended up 5th highest scoring kitten in the show - all without a number, because he wasn't registered yet! Bob and Carol took him out two more times as a kitten and then took a break until he turned adult. At his first show as a premier he made three finals and earned a third of his points for becoming a grand... Then he took a break for a while only to come back out to win more finals! I think he has made at least one final at every show he has been to except for his open show! He granded in November and became the second of the Khepri/Tease litter to earn the coveted title! Carol and Bob report that he is beautiful and getting sweeter every day!!! At the shows they still call him the "cat with an attitude" but they all agree he is lovely indeed and at home he rules supreme (until big uncle Arge decides he's had enough and skewers him with a "look" or Little half sister Future says "phooey on you" and rolls right over him!)


 Abi at the shows.... and relaxing at home...

Abi at his open show - look at all the toys!Abi relaxing after a hard, but successful day's work at his first show as a premier!

Phoenix as a young adult

GP Emau's Dead Mau Walking, Phoenix. Smoke male out of GC Emau's Mausaic by CH Emau's Never Tease a Cheetah. Owned by Melanie Morgan:

Phoenix debuted as a kitten in late June, and in Roanoke, despite a class of three that included a beautiful silver and a lovely bronze, still managed to bring home two top ten finals (although he never managed a Best of Breed, still the fact that in two finals the judges saw fit to put TWO Maus up, was pretty impressive). He made finals again the next weekend in Greensboro and proved that a smoke can too get noticed! No one can deny his irrepressible personality and it looks like the judges are recognizing his lovely type as well. Then disaster struck - Phoenix and Soleil live together - Soleil is discovering his hormones - Soleil gave Phoenix a huge scab on the back of his neck, so much for a big kitten career - Phoenix lost nearly two months of his kitten career. We're looking forward to a brief kitten career, then we'll decide what to do with him. Showing a smoke is so tough and disheartening. Truth is, on most days a mediocre silver or bronze will beat a great smoke and it's hard to get a smoke noticed at all, so the uphill nature of the battle is nearly insurmountable. Sue Johnson, Raceykat, did an admirable job with her Bacamamadit's Phantom of Raceykat (Tommy) in premiership last year. And five years ago, Jill Archibald took her Wholly Smoke to Best of Breed, but those are accomplishments that are the exception, not the rule... Phoenix absolutely adores the chance to show off his wonderful personality and enjoys showing like no other cat I have seen... given the fact that he is a smoke and a minority color in a minority breed AND he rarely went unopposed by silvers in breed, he granded easily in December...


PhoenixPhoenix as a young star to be - only 5 weeks old here


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Other Notable stars!!!

CH Emau's Ghostrider, Ghost. Smoke, male out of CH Pasha Khepri by GC, RW Matiki's Better Maustrap. Owned by David and Melanie Morgan

 Ghost takes a ribbon

o the relief of several judges, Ghost has retired from his show career and started a new one as #1 stud. Ghost didn't get a lot of shows under his belt as a kitten and when he did, he competed against his flashy sister. Despite that, he managed to make a few finals - this rosette, a 6th Best, he particularly enjoyed... He also joined some rather exclusive ranks by making two finals as an open... Those were the highlights though - after that, adolescent hormones kicked in and that was that, he was just too big and scary looking to keep out while he worked through them. Retiring him was one of the hardest things I have ever done - It still hurts, because he is in my mind, one of the most fabulous Maus I have ever had the joy of handling. It is such a phenomenal joy to have a cat like him share ones homes..


CH Emau's Never Tease a Cheetah, Tease. Silver male out of Matiki's Mia Cheetah of Emau by CH,GP Hajja Hit The High Spots of Emau. Owned by David and Melanie Morgan

Teaser on the stand Teaser, seems destined to be forever a champion! He went through a phase where he was out of coat for what seemed forever. He adores showing and when I have nothing else to show I find myself eyeing him. He's always willing to go back out, just never seems to get the nod despite the fact that he is truly lovely. Currently he's almost halfway to becoming a grand.... We'll see how things go, maybe one day....




Shai a promising young star as well!New Kingdom's Shai of Emau, Shai is a son of Tease (father of GP Emau's Abi Almustafa, GP Emau's Dead Mau Walking and GP Emau's Ghostwriter) and had a fabulous kitten career - just narrowly missing out on a regional win and getting many Best Kittens along the way. Both his breeder, Melissa Bateson of New Kingdom and I are very proud of him - he turned adult the first weekend of February. Because his uncle Soleil is so close to granding and Shai is going through what can only be termed the adolescent whinies, Shai will be taking a break to wait for his hair to gorw back after an unfortunate breeding accident (Soleil decide to practice on his roommate...)


Emau's Ethan, Ethan. Silver neuter out of CH Matiki's Mia Cheetah by CH Emau's Ghostrider. Owned by Laura Wollstadt.

Ethan is a full brother to Safari and Jungle (younger by a year). He was sold as a pet to a wonderful couple in Massachusetts. Bob and Carol, Abi's owners have convinced Ethan's owners to take him out for a trial run. He only showed one day, but in his first ring at his first show this fabulous little boy brought home a Best kitten. he also got another final that day and then Laura let him stay home on Sunday. We're very proud of him!






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