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Right now we do not keep any whole males long-term



We are excited to have for a time Rowan son Emau's Silver Lining AKA Stryder


Our Foundation boys - including the highest grand producing Egyptian Mau in the history of the breed GC Emau's Kestrel, DM


Now retired....CFA's First Smoke Egyptian Mau National winner and CFA's 2008/2009 Kitten of The Year - Double National winner

GC NW Emau's Dancin Inthe Dark Of Mautrix - "Dell"

A legend in his own mind, Dell is everything he should not be - smoke, a male and smart as a whip... He takes the breed to a whole new level with his elegant refined body, flawless head and intense green eyes. He is his mother's son in that he knows no strangers and he has a mind of his own... Just ask him - he knows how to do everything... Confident, loving, busy, and possessed of that special extra something that only the great's have, he has the ability to stop people in their tracks and the ability to give strangers and fans alike goosebumps... Lovingly shown as a kitten by his co-breeder, Laurie he came back to me as a young adult.  He then gave me the thrill of showing him as an adult and what a wild ride that was.  Showing a cat like him is truly a once in a lifetime experience... an honor and a privilege... Once again, Pounce worked her magic... CFA's first one show smoke Egyptian Mau GC, CFA's Kitten of the Year, 2nd BOB, and CFA's 24th Best Cat all rolled up into one sweet boy who loves with the intensity that can only come from the Pouncess.  Dell made his mark on the breed in record time becoming the youngest (by far) male Distinguished Merit cat for the breed and the first smoke male DM.  Among his lovely offspring was a legacy to be proud of indeed - our seventh National winner, GC BW NW Emau's So You Think You Can Dance.  He was neutered before the age of 4 and then went on to become the first Egyptian Mau in premiership to go from Open to Grand Premier in one day. he earned 180 points (every point possible) of 75 needed and also became the only Egyptian Mau to be a one show grand twice!  Dell's legacy lives on and for now he was our last male...

Dell Grands (20)

GC D'otz Dancing In The Streets (silver)

GC RW D'otz Dance To The Music (silver)

GC D'otz Dancing With Danger (silver)

GC D'otz River Dance (silver)

GP D'otz Shadow Dancer (smoke)

GC D'otz Spotted Dancing (silver)

GP Emauge Dance The Bossa Nova (smoke)

GP Emauge Dance The Super Nova (silver)

GC Emau's Dirty Dancin Of Azshara (smoke)

GP Emau's Dancin On A Moonlit Sea (smoke)

GC Emau's Dance Until Dark (smoke)

GP Emau's Dancing With Midnight (smoke)

GC Emau's Hope You Dance Of Emauge (silver)

GP Emau's Last Dance Of Catsadora (silver)

GC RW Emau's Let's Dance Of Emauge (silver)

GP Emau's Might As Well Dance (smoke)

GC BW NW Emau's So You Think You Can Dance (silver)

GP Hajja Starlight Dancer (silver)

GP Mautrix Gotta Dance (silver)

GC Mautrix Shall We Dance (silver)

GC RW Mimesis Dance The Calypso Espresso - the first 10 ring one show grand and the first smoke female one show grand! (smoke)

GC Mimesis Dance The Tango (silver)


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