2008/2009 Season

GC Emau's Dancin InThe Dark Of Mautrix - highest scoring Egyptian Mau kitten ever! Smoke Male Kitten - highest scoring Kitten at National Capital

2008/2009 Season

(all titles are CFA)

What an unbelievable year.

June 2008 I am accepted and February 2009 I am advanced in the judging program. April 2009 I make my debut as SH SP judge - what a thrill!

Three Egyptian Mau National Wins:

CFA's 20th Best Cat - Lark

CFA's 24th Best Cat - Dell

CFA's Best Kitten - Dell

Three Regional wins:

S.R. 4th Best Cat - Lark

S.R. 5th Best Cat - Dell

S.R. Best Kitten - Dell

Two National Breed wins

BOB - Lark

2nd BOB - Dell

A milestone year in so many ways - Lark became the first ever second generation NW in our breed. Dell became the the first smoke to earn a one show grand, the first smoke to earn a National Win, the highest ranked NW Egyptian Mau ever and the only one to earn a National Best and the second Egyptian Mau ever to earn a double National Win... and in June I was accepted into the judging program.

Congratulations to our new grands!

GC Emau's Dancin Inthe Dark Of Mautrix - "Dell"

Dell did roommate GC BW NW Emau's Minuet one better and made Egyptian Mau history at the prestigious National Capital Cat Show where he was highest scoring Kitten in a show out of nearly 200 kittens.  Just as  Minuet did in 2007, he came out of the show second best kitten in the Country. On September 28th, he surpassed Minuet's highest scoring Egyptian Mau kitten record and on October 12, he climbed to the top of the kitten list - we are still pinching ourselves and wondering how a once in a life time experience can happen twice!  Dell turned adult in November, became CFA's first one show smoke Egyptian Mau Grand Champion and then rested while his housemate, Lark finished up her adult career. In January, Dell came back out as a young adult and turned on the heat... In four short months he catapulted from nowhere to a double National. Two weeks before the end of the season, he moved into the NW rankings at 24th in the Country as well as CFA's Kitten of The Year...

 GC Emau's Touch The Sun - "Lark"

Lark is her mother's daughter - elegant, edgy, exciting, but her grandmother Pounce at heart... Unlike momma Sunny, Lark does not have a fragile bone in her tough little body... she is a tomboy with huge green eyes, breed defining ears and long elegant legs who lives for toys, demands things her way or not at all and expects the world to cater to her... Endearing, infuriating and irresistible... no cat since Pounce has had such a sweet loving nature coupled with such a temper... challenge to show... unbelievable and electric when things go her way.... not so much when she is not pleased... Like her mother she is a hotel snob - she loves fancy rooms, and is miserable in ones that she considers not up to her standards. Like her grandmother, she feels she should be the only one traveling in the car with mom... no other cats and not even other people just HER... in her mind since it is all about her, that is the way it should be...

GP Emau's Fly Like An Eagle "Chip"

Pounce son and Brother to Dell, Chip granded by finalling in every ring he went in as a premier.  He is proudly owned by Judith Dyke and  they live in Pittsburgh where Chip seems to have found the perfect home...

Our debutantes who share their grace and beauty with oh so many people:

Sunny Son PR Emau's U R My Sunshine  "Sunshine"

Sunny Son CH Emau's Walking On Sunshine "Pippin"

Sunny Son CH Emau's Seasons In The Sun "Merry"

Minuet Daughter CH Emau's G.E.M. Of Erendel


We are eternally grateful to all the people who show our kids with such skill and love...

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