CFA's 11th Best Cat in Premiership

GC GP NW Emau’s Dancin In the Dark Of Mautrix, DM AKA “Dell” is not only a legend in his own mind, but a legend for the Egyptian Mau breed as a whole.  This season he became one of only a handful of cats to earn a National Win in every competitive category.   He was 2008/2009 Kitten of the Year and 24th Best Cat and this year, with just over 100 rings, was 11th best cat in Premiership.  This is remarkable for a number of reasons, but perhaps most amazing is that he is not only a minority breed, but a minority color in a minority breed…

No question that once again, the one and only Pounce (GC BW RW Emau’s Mau Pounce For The Ounce, DM) worked her magic with her son... The list of notable firsts and records for this cat are mind boggling… In addition to his three National wins, he was the first (and so far only) smoke Egyptian Mau National Winner.   He has earned more points than any other Egyptian Mau in CFA history, and he was the first smoke to one show grand.   He was neutered before the age of 4 and then went on to become the first Egyptian Mau in premiership to go from Open to Grand Premier in one day.  He earned 180 points (every point possible) of 75 needed and also became the only Egyptian Mau to be a one show grand twice!  Both of his one show grands were at six ring shows.   He was the youngest male of his breed to earn the DM title with 22 grands to his credit.   He is also the only smoke male to earn the DM title.    Among his lovely offspring is a legacy to be proud of indeed - our seventh National winner, GC BW NW Emau's So You Think You Can Dance, AKA “Tyce”. Tyce sired this years’ 6th Best Kitten and national Best of Breed GC BW NW Emau’s Diamonds R Forever Of Emauge, thus giving the breed, through Dell and her mother, GC BW NW Emau’s Minuet, DM, our first ever third generation National winner. 

Dell is everything he should not be - smoke, a male and smart as a whip... He takes the breed to a whole new level with his elegant refined body, flawless head and intense green eyes. He is his mother's son in that he knows no strangers and he has a mind of his own... Just ask him - he knows how to do everything... Confident, loving, busy, and possessed of that special extra something that only the great's have, he has the ability to stop people in their tracks and the ability to give strangers and fans alike goose bumps... Lovingly shown as a kitten by his co-breeder, Laurie he came back to me as a young adult.  He then gave me the thrill of showing him as an adult and then again as an alter.  Showing a cat like him is truly a once in a lifetime experience... an honor and a privilege...  

Frankly Dell never cared that the deck was stacked against him as a smoke male… He came into the world ready to set it on fire and proceeded to do just that.  He excels at everything he tries and epitomizes the living definition of control freak. His mantra? “You are not the boss of me” followed quickly with an ear flick and a  “I know how to do it” and then if he messes up, a warm purr followed by a quick head bump and an “I am a good boy.”  Truly those intense green eyes could communicate volumes and he was nothing if not clear about his terms.   

He loved coming back out to show.  To this day, when he sees the carrier, he runs to get in it. He sulked and fretted when my schedule required long breaks for him and positively glowed when I put him in the car… The long drives were punctuated by purring in my right ear and bumping and dancing in the carrier.  He really loved it when I drove with someone else and he could travel lounging in my lap.   A true gentleman as well, he loved it when people came to visit him in the hotel room and would hold court. 

He is indeed pretty convinced that the sun rises and sets around him and no one thus far has had the heart to dissuade him.   Who would have thought that a 5 year old Egyptian Mau male would be willing to come out and show and sporadically at that?  So much for our theory that in order for an Egyptian Mau to show they must show early and often.  For Dell it was all about Dell… When things went his way he was very very good indeed. When they did not? Well…. Not so much…

This cat is something rare, something special and something truly unique. I know I count myself lucky to share my home and my heart with him.  This encore season for him and for me was incredibly special indeed and we thank all the judges, exhibitors and Mau folks who supported him throughout his career. 


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