CH GP Emau's La Femme Nikiduh of Emauge, DM...

GC Emau's Mausaic, DM X CH Emau's Never Tease A Cheetah

Nikita is owned and loved by Pat and Tim of Emauge cattery


CH GP Emau's La Femme Nikiduh Of Emauge, DM Nikita and Pounce

Nikita was named because she has one of "those" bodies (you know the kind - the ones we love to hate!). Long, hard, lean and a feral grace that makes her a joy to watch. She is a born athlete... with a perfect pattern and that easy "girl-next-door" tomboy attitude. Then as she evolved, her personality evolved somewhat and "Nikita" became Nikiduh when she was registered... She is, afterall, third generation Duh! Sweet and loving doesn't begin to describe this child... She is a non-stop purr machine.. A true daughter of our lady Spirit. Unfortunately, Spirit subjected her to the ear-grooming and destroyed any show potential this wonderful girl would have had... Such a shame - we managed to get her championship on her and judges adored her (who could help but adore her - she is not only lovely, but loves everyone and bumps and purrs to the world).  Owned and loved by Pat and Tim of Emauge, we are all very excited to see what success this "next generation" brings and thrilled with not only the beauty, but the temperament...


Nikita as a young mother Such a goof...





Nikita and Shai -


Emau's Tatsuta Of Wisteria FL - willful daughter of Nikita and Shai...Innocence Personified...


Nikita and Soleil -

Nikita is the first Spirit girl we have kept here in the U.S. as a breeding cat and although her first litter is small; just two little silvers, it looks like the next generation is wonderful indeed.... Better yet, unlike her ear-licking mother, Nikita seems singularly unruffled by motherhood!


Nikita and her pair of spotted ones...She's a perfect mother!

Nikita babies on the prowl!Perpetual Motion!


The Nikita Crew - This little boy is an intrepid explorer!


The Little Nikita GirlShe never stops making cookies...or purring...


Nikita and Shai - A Silver trio!

Three striking silvers! Pat and Tim are raising the three who are extremely precocious and very spotty!


Nikita's children.... Like her; outgoing, athletic and VERY sweet! Nikita Girl
Nikita Girls Nikita Girls
Nikita Boy and Girl Nikita Boy and Girl
Nikita Boy Nikita Boy

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