SPIRIT ..........


A very Pregnant Spirit... (All belly and beautiful eyes)

This cat is driving me crazy...She has had three litters and without a doubt, the best kittens I have ever hoped to breed...Unfortunately, most are pets, albeit gorgeous ones, because she insists on over-grooming their ears and ruining their chance at show careers...

GC Emau's SamIAm of Baccamamdit
GP Emau's Rumble In The Jungle



GC Emau's Tukuyomi of Wisteria FLDeceptively innocent!

Spirit and Shai - the Last Dance....

Six! Five Boys BUT.... (drum roll please!!!!), one lovely silver spotted girl... My "Grand Illusion"... She chooses not to show which nearly broke my heart, but in every other respect she is what I waited for from Chunk..... Such a gift this last litter... Such a gift... Already one grand, GP Emau's Rumble in The Jungle and Sami, the little smoke boy with the heart of gold is halfway there as well...


GP Emau's Rumble In The Jungle - This boy is one heckuva ambassador for the breed - he purred through his entire show careerJungle will be teaching Nicholas how to show in Jr Showmanship!

The long awaited girl...Just a few days old!


It's a Grand Illusion!Or to be more precise...Emau's Grand Illusion, DM
We're pretty pleased!Her brother has the look too...But she thinks she's the cat's meow...


Spirit does it again with smokes...This little guy is quite the character as well! Emau's SamIam of Baccamamdit...Look at the eye color and only 8 weeks old!




 Spirit and Shai reprise...


GC Emau's Tukuyomi of Wisteria FL as a five month old kitten!

Four this time... But still no girl for me from my lovely Spirit... Boys - incredible; spotty, contrasty, and stunning... and of course it wasn't all that bad since one of those boys was our wonderful Tuki (above!) and a silver classic girl... Future ended up now ably nursing all four as well as her Valentine...


Just born....

One week mark!One just like another - clean and spotty

These boys are exotic looking..Reminiscent of Uno?


They're in the fuzzies, but getting biggerAnd full of spunk!



Tuki....The Pack!!!

Spirit and Shai - Well Comet and Shai gave us Little Man, Khepri and Shai gave us Kyrie... Spirit and Shai gave us .... surprise surprise... two smokes - one of which is so darn spotty I thought he was a silver for several days... Tough call between him and that Pounce smoke - guess 2001 will be the year of the smoke!!!! 

Introducing Emau's Mau and Again - who will be debuting in January 2001! 


Jeff and Margot's Mau & Again (Mause) and roommate Grace (Emau's Amauzing Grace)

Spirit and Soleil

Two Spirit boysA first time match that seems to have had incredible results. Hard to describe the exquisite delicacy of the boning on these babies... Six silvers - five of the nicest spotted things you ever did see and one contrasty and startlingly beautiful classic. I have only one complaint about this litter: they are ALL BOYS! Yep, 6 boys... Next complaint is that she moved on the ears at FIVE days not Eight this time and we are once again looking at lost show potential on two fabulous silvers... So very frustrating....

Week 1....

Spirit boy All Soleil babies seem to love to relax on their backs.. Spirit boy


End of Week 1....(Khepri raising them here!)

Quite a mass of kittens! lots of spots
Khepri/Spirit crew Khepri/Spirit crew

Spirit boy... Ears or no, this boy is a charmer!He's also the sweetest thing you'll ever see...

Spirit and Tease - A miracle indeed

Spirit and Tease. We waited a long, long time for this one. Spirit's first. A litter of three. Two lovely silvers and a drop dead gorgeous smoke.

Spirt's Threesome, Phoenix leads the pack
Phoenix (GP Emau's Dead Mau Walking), smoke male:
Phoenix was born dead. Non-responsive, limp, desiccated, poor APGAR scores, yep, dead. He spent his first hours in this world, half in, half out - head and shoulders stuck inside his mother, Spirit, back legs and half his torso flapping in the breeze. It wasn't until David, bleary-eyed from sleep responded to my increasingly frantic calls, gloved up, slipped his gentle fingers into Spirit and scooped him out, that Phoenix decided to join this world. Even then, I would have sworn we had lost him, but David wouldn't give up. Spirit and I were already concentrating on birthing the PITA, Spirit's third-born, while David still labored over the cold still body. Then, truly like something rising from the ashes, Phoenix twitched, and the air began to fill his body. From that point on, he was one of the most vigorous, healthy kittens I have ever seen. He has a zest for life and mischief like no other. We registered him "Emau's Dead Mau Walking" and call him Phoenix. He has such an unearthly shimmery color we thought he was a silver for the first three days. When we realized he was truly a smoke we were ecstatic - even more so because he was a girl. It wasn't until he was nearly three weeks old and I swooped him up to kiss his belly spots that I realized "she" was a "he". Until that day I had been kissing Spirit's paws for giving such a special gift - a phenomenal smoke and a girl at that. I didn't speak to her for two days after my discovery. What a horrible, horrible disappointment - Can't use him in the breeding program, but what a cat. I just couldn't let him go without letting the cat fancy get a glimpse of him in the showring... You can see more of Phoenix on the
Show Scenes page... On Christmas Day he left our home (but never our hearts) and went to live with his owners, Bonnie and Galen. Bonnie and Galen also own Safari.

Pita and her big brother Nigel- Spirit/Tease babiesNigel -- A Spirit/Tease boyNigel, silver male (right). Nigel was spotted in the sack, a beautiful clean clean silver with a lovely head who went to make his home with Tiffany and Gemini, her Bengal spay, in Provo Utah. We have high hopes that Tiffany will take Nigel out to the Showring.

The PITA, silver female (left), now named Emau's Nut (and yes, Nut was an Egyptian Goddess, but yes, it has other meaning in this case too!). I have never become so incredibly attached to a small kitten. You love them all, but this child, oh boy. She nearly drove me crazy and certainly drove me to tears on many an occasion. I took her everywhere with me for weeks on end. She refused to eat anything but people food until she was nearly four months old. Perfect in every other way, she was a small miniature of a cat with huge, haunting eyes like her mother's and a will as stubborn and as strong as a Grand Canyon burro. She was dubbed PITA by my vet, who after a week long battle of wills with her finally got her to eat something other than pre-minced roast beef and Ground Chuck (that's what she had me trained to feed her). Pale and white, her eyes turned green at 12 weeks or so and could hunt you down with amazing persistence. It was nearly impossible to deny her anything -especially since she was the ultimate lap cat - she did everything with fervor, and loved to take a flying leap from the ground in the general direction of your arms and then collapse in a ball of purr until your sat down to hold her. She spent hours on my lap while I worked on the computer and would defend her position from her brothers with incredible ferocity. She's one of those girls that looks like she'll break in two if you look at her cross-eyed, but is really tough as nails - she ran the threesome, not the big rambunctious boys... She was an engagement present from a wonderful and creative guy in Raleigh to his fiancé - She had wanted a Mau and when he asked her to marry him, his first decoy was to give her a picture of PITA. Had they not been such a perfect couple, rest assured, the PITA would still be sitting here on my lap as I wrote this...

Spirit.....and her Magnificent SEVEN

The second time around it was seven! Six silvers and a smoke...

Yeeha - three week old babies going for  a ride!

 Well, she's did it this time...SEVEN. Yes, you read it right, seven. Who would of thunk it? Certainly not me... or Spirit for that matter. It's a lovely litter, but both she and I were quite bewildered intially by it! Six silvers, one incredible smoke - male of course, like Phoenix. Figures. They were an incredible litter...


Spirit boy In the midst of a bath... Showing off the vest buttons
Webster at almost eight weeksBelly spots!More Belly Spots!

Lynx at 10 weeks Lynx at 10 weeks
Lynx - a pale beauty


This is Selkis... She is unbelievable, truly lovely, truly a lady...Selkis is going to be one of the Foundation Maus in England. We will miss her horribly....

osiris Osiris
Osiris at four monthsYouser! Osiris shows off his brilliant spots at four months...


Spirit and Tease - Take Three!

Five silvers - four boys of course, like last time, breath-taking in the clarity of spots and beautiful color...

Talk about alluring.... It's Nikita (Spirit girl) and Pounce.... The two girls know how to turn on the charm!

Nikita Nikita

Nikita Nikita
Pounce and Nikita Pounce and Nikita

The kids as babies..... 

This gorgeous little boy, our lion cub Anthony, will go down as one of our tragedies -forever the one that "should have been"Clear from the begining he was "special" - so spotty and clear... So of course Spirit took it upon herself to destroy his poor ears worse than she has ever done before. He'll never show, but he's going to be gorgeous anyway...


More of Anthony...





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