Emau's El Shahab, DM

CH Pasha Khepri of Emau, DM X CH GP Hajja Hit The High Spots of Emau

Comet is the first Egyptian Mau daughter of a DM to DM herself...and the first of our girls to produce a DM as well!  

Comet 's Crew

When Treasure granded she made Comet and Khepri the first ever Egyptian Mau Mother/DaughterDM's!

Seven grands, four of which earned enough points to grand in ONE show, a DM, and Four regional winners to her credit, Comet has given the Mau world a wonder of treasures!


GP RW Emau's Do You Believe In Magic? Our first one show grand, SR's 2000/2001 22nd Best cat in premiership & SWR 2002/2003 17th Best Cat....GC RW Emau's Cirque De Soleil of Hajja, DM 2000/2001 National 2nd best of Breed, NAR Best of Breed and NAR's 24th Best cat....


GP RW Emau's One-Of-A Kind, a one DAY grand and SR's 20th Best 2000/2001 20th Best cat in premiership GP RW Emau's Calisto of Emauge SR's 15th Best Cat in Premiership 2001/2002 and the highest scoring Mau in premiership 2001/2002CH GP Emau's Spotted Treasure of Emaugine


GP Emau's Pennies From Heaven The "sixth" grand and Oh what a beauty!


GP Emau's Amon-Re Star Of Karello, the 7th grand and another one day phenom for Bump!!!

And introducing Comet's newest grands - a little history in the Making!  GP Emau's Pennies From Heaven... Penny needed only 75 points to grand... She got frightened badly at her first show as an adult and came away with 27 points of the 75 necessary to grand... We had no idea if she would ever show again... The next weekend we decided to let her tell us what she was ready to do... We approached with Caution... She, on the other hand, threw caution to the wind and showed like she had never shown before... In perhaps a record-breaking feat, she earned 120 points over the weekend and enjoyed every minute of it!  All in all she ended up with almost double what she needed to grand and regained her confidence!! What a wonderful experience!!!  Ever the elegant gentleman, Pennies littermate, GP Emau's Amon-Re Star Of Karello, waited for Penny to grand before starting his grand quest... The delay was no problem for him though - he too became a ONE SHOW GRAND and with the added  flair of doing it at the prestigious National Capital show!  What a thrill indeed!!!

Comet's boy, Markie is in the middle of the pile,

For those of you who have read much of the rest of my page if you came away with nothing else, you probably figured out that my "Bump" holds a special place in my heart... and rightly so, she's a special child with a gentle, intelligent soul that just cannot be denied... She was nearly two before we let her have her first litter...


Spirit and Comet right before due date...


Comet and Kestrel


Five big silver babies in there... Poor Comet!!

Below is Emau's AmonRe Star of Karello, son of Kestel and Comet who makes his home with Casey and the Karello Manx!..


Comet Does it again with Shai!

Bump has done it again... A trio of incredibly spotty little Maulets...Two silvers, and a smoke... CH Emau's Moonshadow of Emauge, P Emau's Heaven Can Wait of Emauge and Emau's Dixie Chick of Mautrix


The Striking threesome debuted in June - Dixie made three finals at her first show and all three had a great time!



Comet and Shai....The 2nd time around

(this time we planned it!)

GP RW Emau's Calisto Of Emauge

This kind of clarity is trademark for Comet/Shai babiesA little older, but same beautiful contrast!

This time we could say "they" thank goodness! Three drop dead gorgeous silver spotted girls and a silver classic boy who is incredibly striking...

Introducing CH/GP Emau's Spottted Treasure of Emaugine,





Comet And Shai - One of A Kind...

or more precisely GP RW Emau's One-Of-A Kind!


The "Little Man... Uno at about 5 months...This little man knows how to ham it up and he just gets better and better...



We call him the Little Man... Uno is his real call name and he is beyond belief... Got his first Best Kitten at his first show... and has not looked back! Not only a one show grand, but a one DAY grand!!! This Little Man has it all... Proudly owned by Tami and Doug, this Little Man kisses his way right to everyone's hearts!

He is the result of Comet taking things into her own capable and stubborn little paws. She looks sweet and innocent but I no longer let that fool me.... We really felt she deserved a rest - after all, she just finished raising nine (her four and Spirit's five) and they were only just 6 months old now... But Comet can go where Comet wants when she puts her mind to it and Comet decided she was going to visit the boys.... An oops from the start, it really wasn't clear whether she was truly pregnant - she got HUGE, but not hard... The day after Thanksgiving we discovered why it had been so tough to figure out "is she or isn't she?" - just one silver baby boy in that huge belly. Quite a shocker... She simply was not impressed with a solo child and we ended up giving him to the ever patient Cheetah... Well, the little man went through three "mommas": not counting Bob and Linda who birthed him and me who supplemented him, but it does not seem to have hurt him in the least. Once Super Mom Khepri took over he started to really flourish... The sight of his wide snausage little body trundling after the far older, larger girls in Khepir's litter was hilarious; he tried so hard to keep up with the "big girls". Pyramid was his special buddy...

Comet and Soleil - two sweethearts together for the first time....Create Magic and More!

GC RW Emau's Cirque De Soleil of Hajja (Purr)

GC RW Emau's Cirque De Soleil of Hajja... (Purr)Lovingly bred by David &Melanie Morgan.Proudly owned by Jill Archibald and Karen Bishop


When Purr "Dmed" on June 12th, she became a third generation DM, the second ever....

GP RW Emau's Do You Believe In Magic?

an embarrassment of riches Atolycus

GP RW Emau's Do You Believe in Magic?Our first One Show Grand and...The King of ThievesHearts that is... This boy is a wonder...

Sometimes you just have to believe in magic.... The 1999/2000 season was kind of that kind of year and the litter by Soleil, out of Comet, was one more example... So... just as it had to be "Emau's Back to the Future" for our lovely Future, the boys in this litter were Do You Believe in Magic and You Have To Believe It's Magic!

Our fairy tale boy...! It's Magic as a baby!

The only heartache of this litter may actually turn out to be a fairy tale... The cat I arguably felt was pick of the litter never really showed due to personal problems for his people... Then at the tender age of 2 years, he re-debuted and made almost half of the points he needed to grand in his first show out in over a year and half! We have high hopes that circumstances and he will cooperate to give him the title he so richly deserves!.


More Magic- with big sister Pounce....


Magic Magic Magic
Magic Magic Magic

The whole crew....


The Crew keeps growing.... Atoly makes magic of his own... this time it's GP RW Emau's Do You Believe in Magic (Aytolocus) with brother Magic and half sister Pounce....!! Do You Believe in Magic? Pounce and the Comet brother
Magic and Tolly Two brothers Magic and Tolly Aytolocus!


Three lovely heads The Crew

It really was quite a litter! and it all started with lots of spots and a legacy of sweetness.... Here they are as small babies....

Purr Pussy Six weeks old and already practicing show pose...The Purr baby is spotted all over...With Comet and Soleil, how could we go wrong with heads?


Such a crew....Purr Pussy: My Pounce Wannabe...Purr practices the alluring look...


Don't let him fool you - not so sweet and innocent!Atoly with big "sister" PouncePounce and two of the "little ones"

And the first litter... Comet and Trapper

Comet's silver boy Comet's first litter Four beautiful babies - two smokes, and two silvers - one of which is, I suspect, one of the nicest silvers I have ever seen - a boy of course... - he's pictured over here to the left and was worth all the worry! The smoke female is lovely... All beautiful, incredibly healthy, and after those first initial days when Comet just couldn't seem to figure out cleaning herself, much less her babies, very well cared for by a perfect mother - they positively ROLL in fat... Once Comet realized that it was not necessary to jump out of the birthing box to come give me head bumps and body rolls she readjusted to being convinced that it was her job to feed the babies - so much so that they weighed nearly a pound each at less than two weeks!


Comet's boy, Mark Mauguire Markie relaxes - still a life of leisure Markie shows his spots
Introducing....Mark Mauguire!!!!MMarkie as a youngster We expect great things from this boy...

Mark Mauguire Mark Mauguire
More Mark......Mark is already working on his posing...



Mark at about 10 weeks mark at about 14 weeks Mark at 14 weeks
Mark at about 10 weeks oldMark shows off his beautiful ears and profileMarkie finally starts to get a bod...


Mark at 14 weeks Mark in motion
Mark in search of his spots...He moves so fast he blurs!

I had the best gift ever this year - pictures of my babies enjoying their lives in their new homes! This is Cairo...And here are Kiya (Khepri's smoke) and Tash (Comet's smoke). What a fabulous pair!


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