• Cheetah

      TThe 6th Egyptian Mau in the History of the Breed to earn the prestigious title of Distinguished Merit!

    And here are the fabulous cats that earned the Cheetah her title!

    Safari reposes in regal splendor
    GP Emau's Jungle Safari as a young adult


    GP Emau's Oasis!


    The Gooseman!......., Our first bronze grand!None other than GP Emau's Mau Or Never, Bronze Neuter, owned by Jeff and Margot Rogers


    GC Emau's Pyramid SchemeSo like her Daddy, GC J's Iris Another Mau 2 Feed of EmauSo like her mother, (Duh),CH Matiki's Mia Cheetah of Emau, DM!


    GP Emau's ChiaroscuroAlso like daddy....Elegance incarnate

    GP Emau's Lord Osiris

    More Taphe, affectionately nicknamed the evil princess...This girl is a wannabe show cat. Despite a late start, and sporadic showing she became a grand at 7 and a half and earned  at least one Best cat during her on again off again career...


    Other than her first litter, which gave us Tease, and one with Soleil, which gave us Pyramid and Chiaro...Cheetah has made most of her matches with our one and only Ghost. To be honest, if that match keeps producing babies like the ones you'll see here, they'll be forever together! She's an incredible mother and her babies seem to be, without fail, incredibly exotic, spotty and sweet!

    One after another, the spottiest things you ever did see... and now I have my Karma Chameleon, the girl I have been waiting for for so very long.


      Cheetah and Ghost - Curtain call...  

    Cheetah's last litter produced just one very spotty boy - a bronze who by the looks of him will follow right in the footsteps of older brothers Sunny and Goose for trouble and fun! He has a mouth on him and does not seem to mind having his doting mother all to himself!  

    CHEETAH & GHOST - Do it Again.... This time Seven is the Magic number!

    WOW! Seven in this tummy - and not small babies either! No wonder she was so big.... Largest baby 4.6 ounces, smallest 3.6... All typical Cheetah/Ghost spotty fools.... So contrasty, Five boys, two girls.... Six silvers, one bronze... The ultimate no-nonsense mother, Cheetah had no problem keeping track of them AND Comet's four! She did not even seem overwhelmed .....I on the other hand was quite overwhelmed!



    Sunny and My Karma Chameleon...Cheetah boy...
    Emau's Here Comes the Sun of MaurajCheetah does it again with her bronzes - not warm, but oh so spotty...


    CH Emau's Here Comes The Sun of Mauraj

    Sunny...........Typical Ghost/Cheetah baby: Satin over steel.....


    Cheetah and Soleil

    GP Emau's Chiaroscuro


       and in championship.....

    GC Emau's Pyramid Scheme!


    The ethereal PyramidSuch a silly gooseand such a sweet child...

    Cheetah very efficiently and calmly birthed four lovely silvers and blessed me (Finally!) with four females. Such a good girl - she was the perfect mother as always...

    Ch girl three weeks Ch girl 3 weeks

    My Pyramid at just a few weeks! I waited so long for her....

    Cheetah girls getting older....


    Pyramid a little biggerPyramid practicing the turtlePyramid still trying to turtle!


Cheetah and Ghost - Third time around...: Suerat, Niles, Neferu and of course starring ....Goose!!!



P Emau's Rare Edition This silver boy is about 5 months here....


Oh my! It's a Duck, Duck, GOOSE!Actually it's GP Emau's Mau or Never at his first show - just barely 4 months old!!!


Wow Wow Wow It's....GP Emau's OasisThe Dancin Mauchine looks so grown up...
GP Emau's Taphenes Of Lovemau became the oldest Egyptian Mau in CFA history to earn the title of grand when she picked up the go ahead points at the tender age of 7 years five months!

Well, the timing wasn't mine, but the match was a good one as usual. the next one scheduled. Those two love birds took things into their own paws and decided the time was right - Cheetah and Ghost were pleased as punch with each other... The gold standard has been set with past litters and we had high expectations. I had my order in of course, a silver girl, spots the size and shape of Taphe's and Jungle's, a muzzle like Nephthys', a coat and contrast like Safari's (or Taphes's) Profile like Taphe's or Nephthys, color like Sunwapta, Ethan, or Oreo! I figured that if she'd give me that girl, I could quit! Well, not quite there....Four lovely children, unfortunately, all boys (Yep, you read that right - BOYS... I was not amused, not one little bit). All very lovely. Three silvers, Suerat, Niles, and Neferu, and one bronze, Goose...

Three Cheetah Babies
A little fox at sleep Goose, Niles and Suerat (Emau's Mau or Never, Emau's Oasis and Emau's Rare Edition)Oops! Woke the fox up!


Spots spots spotsBrotherly love - for now...The whole crew - you can see why it's duck, duck Goose...


GooseMore Goose!

At least with Maus this can be their good side! 


Ghost and Cheetah - Magic the second time around as well!

We repeated of course, and surprise of surprises, the second time around was EVEN better than the first.... Five babies. Four silvers, one Bronze. Three boys, two girls. Taphe, Bronze female, Sunwapta, silver male, Oreo, silver male, Ethan silver male, and Nepthys, Silver female

Emau's Sunwapta: A Ghost/Cheetah boySunwapta, Silver male. It was hard to pick from the boys, one was more fabulous than the next - each and everyone just as good or perhaps better than their older sisters Jungle and Safari. Sunwapta was probably the sweetest of the boys though... He is another one of those wonderful gentle souls with a playful edge. He went to live with Rob in Florida and is busy bringing sunshine and love into Rob's life now. He was so easy-going that when Rob, who flew in from Florida to pick him up, took him back on the plane he came out of the carrier and let the other passengers hold and adore him while he purred and enjoyed himself... Sunwapta spends his days riding Rob's shoulders and his Sunwapta at home in Florida nights curled in the crook of Rob's arm.





Oreo - a Ghost/Cheetah boyEmau's A Dash of Oreo, silver male, (Pictured right), lives in Northern Virginia. Oreo was much like Sunwapta with perhaps a little more of a zen for play. Like the rest of the litter, spotted all over and sweet sweet sweet.. He went to live with Jennifer and Jimmy in DC.

Ethan- a Ghost/Cheetah boy



Ethan, silver male (pictured left) Yeah, another spotted fool - perfect pattern gorgeous. Sigh. Why do they all have to be boys??? Ethan has an interesting housemate - Joey, a Scottish Fold! Ethan made a rather impressive show debut in late July 1998. He lives with a wonderful; couple in Massachusetts. You can see more of Ethan on the Show Scene page...

Emau's Nephthys of New Kingdom, Out of CH Matiki's Mia Cheetah, By Emau's Ghostrider. Nephthys makes her home with Melissa Bateson and is currently living in England as one of the foundation cats that Melissa will use to try to get the Maus accepted by GCCF. Nefi, as she is called, is an elegant child with legs that just won't quit and spots, spots spots...


Emau's Nepthys as a lovely teenager - talk about legs... Nepthys, a  Ghost/Cheetah girl
Nefi has the longest, most elegant legs!Nefi as a baby!

 P Emau's TaphenesGP Emau's Taphenes, bronze spay out of CH Matiki's Mia Cheetah of Emau, DM  and by CH Emau's Ghostrider. Taphe makes her home with Mark of Richmond VA. She is one of of the few bronzes that we have bred. Like her older sister, Jungle, she has big ,beautiful spots and a body that literally feels like silk over steel. Her eyes are huge and green green green. Her nickname is "The Evil Princess "and she has earned it - she makes Thunder, Mark's long-suffering Devon Rex, absolutely miserable with her antics. Mark is getting another Mau, Comet's Mir, to give the evil one (who meets all visitors at the door with a purr and a bump, mind you!) a run for her money....Taphe was born thinking she was royalty. She expects the world to cater to her and has no fear of ANYTHING. Taphe made her show debut as an ADULT and shocked us all by making three finals as an open! We were very proud!


  • Kittens from Ghost and Cheetah - the first time

  • CH, GP Emau's Jungle Safari out of CH, Matiki's Mia Cheetah of Emau by CH, Emau's Ghostrider. Safari is retired now and is owned by Bonnie and Galen Hausfeld. You


P Emau's Welcome to the Jungle, out of CH, Matiki's Mia Cheetah of Emau by CH, Emau's Ghostrider. Jungle is Safari's littermate and currently lives in posh Sutton Place area in New York. She just debuted in premiership and won her premier title easily - we're looking forward to the grand quest with her...


Emau's Brutus, out of CH, Matiki's Mia Cheetah of Emau by CH, Emau's Ghostrider. Brutus lives in New Hampshire







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