GC Emau's Pyramid Scheme

CH Matiki's Mia Cheetah of Emau, DM x GC J's Iris Another Mau 2 Feed of Emau


Pyramid and Ghost!

GP RW Emau's Celestial Vision of Mautrix - first daughter!

Quite a scare she gave us - after 15 hours of hard labor Pyramid gave us our first C-section... As soon as they went in, the reason was clear - only two kittens in that huge belly - and BOY were they big!! Thankfully all went well and both little girls (yes, you read right, GIRLS!) are doing fine... They have been joined by Spirit daughter, Illusion and all three seem to be thriving... So Pyramid holds the future in her doting paws... There has never been a cat so devoted to her babies - Pyramid takes her mothering very seriously and is in 7th heaven with her brood!


Haven't seen spots like this since Safari!! But this girl has a better head AND a better pattern!






Pyramid's second litter!!...

Two lovely silvers: CH Emau's Opening Gambit, and Emau's Chloe, a pale beauty with the body of a ballerina and the heart of a lion...

Gambit as a young man Like his mother he is a sensitive soul And oh so elegant...


Such elegance and grace...




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