GC RW I-Tem Simply Mauvelous of Emau

"M".... What a treasure, what a gift....  This lovely silver girl so filled with love and grace came from the arms of Tom and Ila Migut and her presence was like a breath of fresh air.  Long and elegant with the calm open demeanor more often associated with our loving boys she brought a calming influence to our home of primadonnas.  M knew that she was wonderful and expected the world to love her and it did - second highest scoring Egyptian Mau kitten in CFA for the 2002/2003 season, she earned a coveted RW title as a baby and then went on to become a "baby grand" in two quick shows...    We are forever grateful for the trust placed in us to take care of the lovely Miss M....

GC RW ITEM Simply Mauvelous Of  Emau

GC Bacamamdit Spotacular Of Item X GC Bacamamdit Maudonna Of Item

They're here!... "M" and Gambit babies

Lots of babies in there!!! 6 to be exact!  Wow!!! Click on M to see lots of kitten pix!

Oh boy - did they grow up nice!!!


M is the perfect mother to all Six!!!

Safari left and above, one of her brother's below...


The boys are busy.....
Smoke Girl  

n the beginning....

Lots of babies in there!!! 6 to be exact!  Wow!!!

Getting bigger!!


M and Tease - two gigantic bouncing baby Boys...One sweet smoke and a contrasty silver...

M's Sweet smoke.... GP Emau's Montague Of Alotaspotz


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