GC BW Emau's Kyrie, DM -

CH Pasha Khepri of Emau, DM X CH New Kingdom Shai of Emau

National Best of Breed 2000/2001

The "Kyrie Bird" was a marvel in the show ring, but she is really beginning to shine in the second half of her career as a mother - she seems to consistently produce gorgeous and sweet babies...

GC Emau's Bohemian Rhapsody - Kyrie's second grand, 8 month old baby grand

GP Emau's Stargate - Kyrie's third grand This boy gives kisses


Kyrie's first litter


Kyrie's First son and Soleil's last - GC Emau's Kestrel, DM

Kestrel as a little One -

Kyrie's second litter!!!

Four wonderful Kyrie children - three silvers and a smoke.... Kyrie seems born to be a mother - easy labor, big, healthy gorgeous babies and she never turns a hair. The day before she delivered we were all wondering what was in that huge belly...

The answer....Kyrie Bratlets....

GC Emau's Bohemian Rhapsody (Raven)

Emau's Going In Circles of Freckles (Dizzy)

 CH Emau's A Mau Called Horus

GP Emau's Stargate

Quite a crew.... 

What a sweet bunch! The little boy on the left is destined for EnglandMy Raven, AKA Emau's Bohemian Rhapsody!

Kyrie's Smoke: Emau's Going In Circles Of Freckles!


The darkest silver in Kyrie's pack..., Emau's Stargate

Getting older so fast!!! My Little Raven....

"Creed" (AKA as Horus), "Dizzy" and Stargate!!!


My Raven... We've started already - I love her to death and she has me wrapped around her paw....

Creed and Raven enjoying a short rest


It's a Mau Called Horus looking oh so grown up!
Creed Or rather A Mau Called Horus

Kyrie and Gambit gave us a litter of five.... All very full of themselves....

GC Emau's Queen's Gambit A study in grace and elegance in a fur suit.... This little girl is so exquisite she takes your breath away and intelligent and sensitive to boot...
Littermate GP Emau's A Mau For All Seasons

GC Emau's Queens Gambit - - Emau's Gryphon of Bacamamdit - - GP Emau's Dan Maurino of Alotaspotz - -

GP Emau's A Mau For All Seasons - - and an as yet unnamed Silver boy....

They start out so small and helpless and grow so very quickly....



Four weeks and ready to take on the world - - - Or at least my office!

Big enough to be out and about


A week older and quite a crew....



Four Kyrie trouble-making boys!

In order Left to right - Danny, Season, Gryphon and the un-named boy!!



It's a Queen's Gambit with mother, Kyrie The little bit, not so little any more....


GP Emau's  A Mau For All Seasons.... Such a handsome boy GP Seasons is owned by Paul and Joan who have two wonderful smokes as well!!!

Kyrie and Epic gave us four - three boys and a girl....

Our Kyrie silver girl fought coming into this world, but both she and Kyrie were fine when all was said and done... Now that she is here, she seems ready to take on all comers - look at those spots - shame she will never grae a showring, but she is no less spotty and sweet... David ended up birthing her on his own - no help from exhausted Kyrie OR the baby!  Her tail was the price, but thankfully that was all.... We're waiting to see if the hair will grow back - in the meantime she uses it like an exclamation point!
We seem to be having some issues with sexing this time around - sure thought this little one was a girl, still not sure that we were right first time around, but right now sure looks like a boy.... Jeez! Can you tell?!
These two do everything together! But the silver girl is the leader of the pack...

Kyrie and Ace gave us five girls!

Shell has a new friend that she would prefer leave her alone... Like all younger siblings though, he idolizes her and she is oh so not amused...
Beautiful Nephra - a showstopper for sure and lovely Shell all grown up!.
This is Shell Game She is my "pick" from the litter and will be staying with us!
More Shell.... Shell is very daring... She will never show, because she took a kamikaze leap off a very high bookcase and broke the base of her tail, but we have high hopes for her kittens eventually!
This little child is destined for the showring We hope
  And this one is no slouch either!!!


Kyrie Ace girls - tomboys one and all, they act like a pack of boys!

Kyrie and Ace - three elegant charmers

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