GC RW Let's Dance Of Emauge - Bianca

GC NW Emau's Dancin Inthe Dark Of Mautrix, DM X GC BW NW Emau's Minuet, DM 

Bianca and Chance - Two smoke boys!



Bianca and De Beers - reprise

GC BW NW Emau's I Candy Of Emauge - AKA Sumo


Two Weeks

Four Weeks

Six Weeks and growing up so elegant....
Twelve weeks...



Bianca and Debeers - Four stunning babies!

CH Emau's Dare To Dream Of Neriseti

CH Emau's Serendipity Of ChirpyCats

Emau's Cassandra

and the very very special

RW Emau's I Want Candy Of Emauge


Bianca/De Beers Two Weeks


Bianca/De Beers Three Weeks
Bianca/De Beers Four Weeks
This is Cassandra...  
And Charm....
Mystique - AKA Emau's Dare To Dream...
And finally... Candy AKA Emau's I Want Candy Of Emauge  



Bianca and Bright - Five silver beauties again!


Hope and Bianca once again co-mothering their two litters!


GP Emau's Promise Me The Moon
Emau's Fly Me To The Moon




Bianca and Diesel - Five silver beauties...

Bianca is the perfect Mau mother Incredible spotting for newborns... Like Peas in a pod!
Almost ready to go!  Eyes turning, coats coming in and oh so sweet!
Getting big so fast.... few weeks older and getting so busy
Growing up oh so fast - six weeks and busy... busy...busy



Bianca and Floyd

four lovely babies.... two silver boys, a smoke boy and a smoke girl

Bianca Pushing - with lovely results...
Growing up so fast....
Rebekka's boy Chasing The Moon



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