GC Emau's For Your Eyes Only, DM

CH New Kingdom Epic Of Emau X GC BW NW Emau's Touch The Sun


GC BW NW Emau's Diamonds R Forever Of Emauge, DM

GC BW RW Emau's Never Say Never Of Emauge

GC Emau's License To Kill Of N Gooseberry

GC Emau's Moonraker Of Vaernam

GP Emau's Thunderball


Wren and Tyce

GC BW NW Emau's Diamonds R Forever Of Emauge - AKA Dreamy

To left and above - Dreamy at Freestate - she is turning into quite a showcat

Below - Dreamy at the Best of the Best judging at the World Show

Dreamy visiting at my house before the long drive to Michigan....

Dreamy at the Best of The Best Judging at the World Show Dreamy was the highest scoring kitten in the Red Show... Such an honor!



Wren and Tyce

One incredibly beautiful special little girl... GC BW NW Emau's Diamonds R Forever Of Emauge - AKA Dreamy

Many thanks to Marie and Minuet for raising her so well...


Wren and Tyce  - second time around!

GC BW RW Emau's Never Say Never Of Emauge

Emau's Skyfall Of Amaure

Emau's Amaunet



Above Silver girls and

Below - the little smoke girl Emau's Skyefall of Amaure

Smoke girl leads the way!



Wren and Dell -

Wren and Dell Babies

two lovely silvers and a very special smoke girl...

at least Wren got the girl memo...

Emau's Tiny Dancer - Lexi

Emau's Just Dance

Emau's Dance Into The Light Of Cire - Dove

Proud new momma, my precious yellow rose - Wren and her three little ones Amazing ears and amazing contrast... Click on pictures above to see more


They grow up so fast..  
Dove at four months... so like her mother...


Wren and Travis... something special indeed

GC Emau's Moonraker Of Emauge - Bright

GC Emau's License To Kill Of Emauge - Bond

Lark and Wren with the two stunning boys from Wren... Totally ridiculous when great grandma Sunny pushes in to help too... these boys have three generations of lovely girls convinced that their help is crucial to the survival of them...

CLICK on picture to left or link above to see much more of the little superstars to be...

Boys growing up so fast.... Bond and Bright....
Getting to be big boys...
Bond and Bright... Almost ready for the show ring.
The boys, Forest and great grandmother Sunny Bright and Grandma  Lark
Bright above, Bond below... both hate flash... with a passion...


Wren and Footloose.... quite a pair! - GP Emau's Thunderball - our centennial grand, and the lovely Stella



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