Emau's Vogue, DM


GC BW NW Emau's Like A Prayer, DM X GC Emau's Uptown Girl, DM

Lisbon and Corleone -

Three amazing silver boys



Lisbon and Stryder - SIX babies! 

Three Silver  and three smokes!  Including the lovely GC Emau's Light-Of-The Morning (Tanaquil), GP Emau's Light-Of-The Night ( Luca) and GC Emau's Soul Storm Of Aion (Anima)



Lisbon and Delta - OOPS litter number one.... Three spotty silver boys

Including GP NW Emau's Singing The Delta Blues


Lisbon and Footloose - Two stunning girls - GC NW Emau's Learning To Fly Of D'otz and GC RW Emau's Rumor Has It



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