GC Emau's Leap-Of Faith

GC BW RW Emau's Mau Pounce For The Ounce, DM  X GC Sansih Twice A Brat 


GC Emau's Elecktra Of Amun-Ra -Faith's fourth GC Elecktra will make her home in New Zealand with Lana
GC Emau's Saving Grace Faith's third Grand Champion



Faith's first grand GC Emau's Imaugine That

CH Emau's My Angel Is a Centerfold.... so like grandma Pounce....

GC BW RW Emau's You've Gotta Have Faith - AKA "Hope"

Hope had a tough start in life... We did not think she would make it, but she came on strong and has never looked back!


Faith's 1st litter with our ethereal Kestrel

Faith and Kestrel make beautiful babies!




Faith and Kestrel make beautiful babies - AGAIN!

First the boys...

And then the girls....  


Khendra above, Elecktra below...
Four months and only the two girls are left... Khendra...

Who can choose?!


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